hummm this blogging thing...

Hi to all that might read this wee piece of the web, all two of you :) I hope to start blogging again, even if its only once a week ...don't want to set the bar too high LOL

I'm giving loudtwitter a try also in helping update here and there, kinda neat little tool that stormkitty introduced me to.

But for now I'm off, listening to the Palin VP acceptance speech.

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She can be taught

Just wanted to share a pic of my oldest daughter doing what she loves to do in the evenings nowadays.

Can I just tell you how thrilled I am that I was able to pass this along to my daughter!!


its a bad day for one of my doxies

So I have two mini doxie's, a red and a dapple. My dapple is what we call a little um slow but in a funny way. She is quite the goofiest dog I've ever known. We love both our dogs and they have been a welcome addition to our family until last night... ms Gwen (the dapple) should be counting her lucky stars this morning that I didn't drop kick her into my lake in the back yard.

Why you ask...

here's your first clue...

Can you guess what that might be? Maybe a closer look...

Does the closer view help?

Well here is what she chewed up.

why yes that would be one of my Brittany crochet hooks, which was not left on the floor but on a coffee table. A coffee table that she must have not only jumped up on but walked across to get to the hook. She's never been much of a chewer so I'm really not sure where this behavior came from. She has plenty of dog chew approved bones and such. I'm at a loss.

I certainly hope I can forgive her.

and even more change

Spent another day painting and actually enjoyed it. I'm not one to paint, love the result but the actually painting...ehh I'd rather someone else do it :)

First here's the bathroom done and everything put back in its place, even the towel of inspiration.

Then on to Hannah's room, which even with the new paint is in major need of redecorating and a clean out...such as leopard print mini couch thing that her cousin gave her!!

First the prep work and of course the pepto pink room.

Hannah gets the honor of painting the first few brush strokes of her new color.

She choose a blue, its called sky blue and it most certainly looks like the sky on a clear beautiful day at the beach. I'm on the hunt for curtains, a new bed spread and a few accents for the wall.

Lowes has these awesome vinyl stickers that are just so neat, here's an example --> http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=245793-58957-13436&lpage=none

All done...

Tomorrow after work (half day yoohoo) I'll come home and work on her room a bit more. I can officially say I'd rather not touch another paint brush or roller for several long weeks. My oldest daughters room is next in my plan of attack with color.


Time for a change

Hi my name is Dani and I'm afraid of color. I love seeing other people's homes and their color choices. I have a dear friend who has one whole wall in her living room a rich red color and it looks incredible with the light chocolate color she has throughout the rest of the room.

After we moved and removed the many many different layers and types of wall paper throughout this house we painted nearly the entire house a eggshell cream color. It was safe and easy. I did however paint our children's rooms and their shared bathroom.

Well this weekend we are making some changes, first was is the bathroom that the girls share. The before pics show the salmon type color we used years ago and I think it was a safe choice.

A week ago stormkitty had me test a hand towel crochet pattern for her, I chose yellow and green for my colors. I loved how it turned out.

The yellow was my inspiration.

Bathroom before...

**side note to self, over spray of windex on the bathroom mirror causes streaks**

and ta da bathroom after...

The yellow is very bright and it will take a little time for me to get used to. The room really needed a change!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have before and after pics of Hannah's room as it goes from pepto pink to a sky blue.

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5 Things that make me realize my age

First off, I know it doesn't look like I've updated my journal in forever but there are some posts there that are for friends only, if you wanna see just sing up and let me know.

Anyway onto my list for the day...

1. While having a conversation with oldest daughter & her best friend they look at me like I've lost my mind when I say "I'm no June Cleaver". They had no idea who I was talking about.

2. My youngest daughter may very well be in need of a training bra soon.

3. I have a high schooler, that in itself deserves a cocktail.

4. I told one of my girls that she sounded like "a broken record" and she replied with "whats a record"

5. And finally this is cherry on my cake for the week -->

Hope you can see that cuz that should cause any mom of a child under 15 to head for the hills LOL Yes thats my oldest daughter learning to drive. Some one hug me!!! :)

Will update on the crochet front soon, ravelry has sucked me in :)

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